The company

Convoflo is a platform created, designed and developed entirely by Knova Web Technologies Inc, a Quebec-based company that works tirelessly to help organizations become more efficient by facilitating the sharing and circulation of confidential data used in their day-to-day activities.

Our heritage

Convoflo, formerly TagMyDoc, has evolved since 2010 thanks to determination and willpower. It is with passion and ambition that we embark on this new era.

Our mission

Helping organizations unleash their full productivity potential by providing them with a secure messaging-client solution for their daily communications… effortlessly.

Our vision

If we're not careful, life can fly by without us having the chance to enjoy it. We believe that to be fulfilled, we must eliminate the distractions and inconveniences that slow us down on a daily basis.

We want to help hard-working professionals make the most of their time at work, so they can put their energy where it belongs.

Our promise

Convoflo helps build successful business relationships through hassle-free communications facilitated by a secure customer messaging solution that's easy to use every day.

Ready to start?

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