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he only sharing solution that is fully adopted by your customers and makes your life easier every day of the year.

Advanced messaging and file transfers

Simplicity of use is our trademark; it is at the core of productivity gains and customer satisfaction provided by Convoflo.

Send and receive messages and attachments of all kind

Send documents and files of any type, attached or not to a message. When sending content, you have the ability to store your attachments in the right folder to provide a structured and simple experience to your recipients.

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E-signatures and payment requests

Easily request an e-signature – or even a payment – from a customer. In just a few clicks and without leaving the platform, your customers will have the ability to sign a document and pay an invoice, and you will automatically receive a confirmation that everything is complete.

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Private messaging with smart notification management

Avoid unnecessary notifications disturbing all people involved in a project when sending content. There are times when we want to provide access to content without systematically notifying everyone that a new message is available. With private messaging, it is very easy to manage access and notifications independently and granularly.

Productivity and automation

Canned messages

Save a tremendous amount of time by eliminating the need to rewrite messages to your customers. Canned messages are very popular for courtesy purposes, acknowledgement, etc.

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Email reducer

Increase your peace of mind during your workday without missing out on any content coming your way with a summary of notifications, sorted by person. This feature comes in handy when you quickly want to know if a client who was supposed to send you a document has finally sent it.

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Inbox summary

Access your received content in one click via an inbox summary integrated into your account. This summary is segmented by type of content received to facilitate access and significantly reduce search time.

Expiration date

In a few clicks, control the lifespan of a shared file. This setting is easily customizable to suit your needs and internal governance rules.

Payment module

Collect payments via credit card and bank transfers. It also has an optional setting that allows you to remove the right to retrieve a document until the payment has been collected.

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Security and privacy

Anti-virus to eliminate threats from incoming files

You and your customers can have complete peace of mind: all files uploaded to the platform go through a smart anti-virus updated with the latest known viruses.

Confirmation of sent content with a focus on privacy

Your clients and external partners have a default setting that prevents them from knowing the identity of your colleagues working in their secure space. Instead, your organization name will be displayed to confirm to your external users the success of their uploads.

Granular access on documents, files and folders

Manage the privacy of your content through an intuitive and powerful permission panel. In a single click, it's easy to view access permissions and edit them to revoke or grant access to a new person.

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Follow-up of activities

Easily export to PDF all activities and keep them as evidence for customer communication. All relevant details are included.

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