Notification digest

Grouped notifications into a single digested email

With Convoflo's customized email notifications, choose to receive your notifications in an organized way. Group multiple notifications into a single digested email, for more efficient management of your inbox. Stay optimally informed by receiving all important updates in one convenient email. Simplify your notification management and stay in control of your inbox.

Customize the time at which the digest is received

Tailor your notifications to your pace with Convoflo's customizable email digest. Choose the time that suits you best to receive all important updates in a single digested email. Stay informed efficiently and avoid being overwhelmed by notifications throughout the day. Simplify your notification management by deciding when to receive your personalized notification digest.

Default digest profile for quick set-up

Optimize your Convoflo experience with the default digest profile. Simplify your set-up by choosing pre-defined notification preferences tailored to your needs. Save time and never miss important information by quickly customizing your email management. Simplify your workflow with our email digest feature and focus on the essentials.

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