Electronic signature

Request electronic signatures from several recipients

With Convoflo, optimize your electronic signature requests by sending a single document to multiple recipients! Our multi-person signature request feature lets you save time by quickly obtaining the necessary signatures without having to ask each recipient individually. Take control of your electronic signature processes by unifying your requests. Start simplifying your processes now with Convoflo!

Customized layouts and electronic signature templates

Automate your electronic signature requests in just a few clicks with Convoflo's customizable layouts and templates. Create reusable templates for different document types, and set up rules to simplify electronic signature management. Our efficient, user-friendly solution saves you time and ensures you get the signatures you need quickly. Simplify your electronic signature processes with Convoflo!

Organization of the signers sequence

Ensure a smooth, organized electronic signature process with Convoflo's signers sequence. Define the order in which signers sign to facilitate multi-party validation of documents. Our signer sequence feature ensures that each step is respected, avoiding delays and confusion. Simplify your signature workflows and get fast, accurate results with Convoflo!

Proof and audit of electronic signatures

Every stage of the signature process is recorded and dated, providing complete traceability of signers and documents. This secure, reliable evidence enables you to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Trust our proof and audit system for transparent, legally valid electronic signature transactions. Simplify your signature process while maintaining full compliance with Convoflo!

Available on all device types

With Convoflo, electronic signatures are accessible on all types of device. Whether you're in the office, on the move or at home, our solution adapts to your needs. Easily and securely sign important documents on a computer, tablet or smartphone, regardless of location or time constraints. Don't waste any more time, simplify your processes and benefit from a seamless experience with electronic signatures accessible anywhere, thanks to Convoflo!

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